Tilapia Vs. Bream – What Is The Difference?

Tilapia Vs. Bream


Tilapia Vs. Bream – What is the difference? – Tilapia and bream are two popular types of freshwater fish. While they share some similarities, there are key differences between these two fish species.

Is Tilapia Same As Bream?

No, tilapia and bream are not the same. While they are freshwater fish, they come from different genus and species.

Tilapia are cichlids that belong to the genus Tilapia.

Bream refers to several species of fish in the genus Abramis. Though they can look similar, they have distinct features.

Tilapia vs. Bream Comparison Table

Category Tilapia Bream
Genus Tilapia Abramis
Origin Mainly Africa Europe
Body shape Deep, laterally compressed More oval, less compressed
Diet Omnivorous Omnivorous
Flavor Mild Sweet, nutty


Tilapia are native to Africa but now farmed around the world. Bream are found in lakes and rivers mainly in Europe. Both inhabit freshwater environments.

Nutritional Values

Tilapia and bream have comparable nutritional values. They are lean sources of protein, low in mercury, and rich in vitamins and minerals like phosphorus, selenium, vitamin B12. Per 100g serving:

  • Tilapia has 26g protein, 200mg omega-3
  • Bream has 18g protein, 300mg omega-3

What Does Bream Taste Like?

Bream have a sweet, mild, nutty flavor compared to tilapia’s more neutral taste. The flesh is white, flaky, and delicate. Bream is considered one of the tastiest freshwater fish.

Which One Tastes better?

This comes down to personal preference, but many enjoy bream more for its sweet flavor and tender texture. Tilapia has a milder taste and firmer flesh. Bream provides a more distinctive eating experience.

Is Bream Good For You?

Yes, bream is a healthy fish low in mercury and high in protein, vitamins, and heart-healthy fats. Bream provides nutrients like selenium, phosphorus, vitamin B12. The omega-3s support heart and brain health. Bream makes a nutritious regular addition to one’s diet.

Can Tilapia and Bream Live Together?

No, tilapia and bream generally should not be housed together. Tilapia prefer warm water while bream need cooler water.

Bream are less aggressive and tilapia may outcompete them for food and space. It’s best to keep them in separate tanks optimized for each species.

Health Benefits

  • High in protein for growth and repair
  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation
  • Nutrients like selenium and phosphorus support immune function
  • Low mercury levels compared to large predatory fish

Eating tilapia and bream provides protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals important for overall health. Both are great options!

So Are Bream and Tilapia Different?

While tilapia and bream share some traits, they differ in taste, texture, origin and ideal water conditions.

Bream has a sweeter flavor while tilapia is more neutral.

Both provide lean protein, omega-3s and important nutrients.

Bream needs cooler water than tilapia. Though they look similar, tilapia and bream are distinct freshwater fish.



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